Friendship to expand with car wash

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A 2,500-square-foot expansion at Friendship Food Store will put a car wash on the western stretch of Cooper Foster Park Road.

The single-lane automatic car wash system will be built just to the west of the convenience store and gas station, said Randy Schafer of Janotta & Herner, a Monroeville-based contractor.

The 80-foot-long tunnel will feature a soft touch wash. It won’t run 24 hours a day — only 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. While open, the wash will be staffed by an attendant.

That worker will be tasked with helping to load vehicles on a conveyor, as well as helping express customers skip to the front of the line. You’ll be able to buy a special badge to pass by other cars for a faster trip.

Schafer said the store will updated with a new red color scheme to match the car wash.

City building inspector David Macartney said the original plan when Friendship was built was to include a car wash in the design. It wasn’t, but now the company feels it has enough volume to start construction.

Final approval of the plan was unanimous.

Staff Report

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